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The “S” Family. A Gorgeous Evening At Fish Creek Park (Calgary and Area Family Photographer)

After a couple days of cooler, wet weather, we were blessed with sunshine and warmth this evening.  First time meeting this lovely family and I’m really looking forward to future sessions with them and their growing family!







The “R” Family – Rocking It At Home! (Calgary and Area Family Photographer)

Okay.  This group of incredible people made my work day very easy and a lot of fun!  All the pictures were taken at their home, on their street and in the back lane.  All I can say is “WOW”.  Thank you for calling me!  Let’s do this again:-)

Collage 1
Collage 2
Collage 3

The “B” Family in Banff (Calgary and Area Family Photographer)

We shuttled ourselves up to Banff early on a Saturday morning in order to avoid all the wedding crowds.  The plan was a success as we hit all the popular locations with no one else around!  I had a lovely day with this family who were a delight to work with.  I hope to see them again soon for another session!

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Delightful Day At Baker Park (Calgary and Area Family Photographer)

Ahhhhh, mid June and the trees are alive, the flowers are thriving, the river has ducks and geese floating within it.  The best part of the day you ask?  Meeting up with one of my favourite families!

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Collage of Greta fb (Copy)



The Happy Faces of Cochrane and Area Humane Society (Calgary and Area Pet Photography)

I’m continuing to volunteer my photography services at the Cochrane Humane Society.  Here are some more adorable faces that have captured not only my heart, but the hearts of those who adopt them:-)

Bibbles 1 (Copy)
Bibbles 4 (Copy)
Bill Gates 1 (Copy)
Bill Gates 2 (Copy)
Bill Gates 4 (Copy)
Bluebell 2 (Copy)
Checkers 1 (Copy)
Crosby 1 (Copy)
Domino 1 (Copy)
Farley 2 (Copy)
Gavin 2 (Copy)
Gavin 3 (Copy)
Green Collar 2 (Copy)
Grizz 1 (Copy)
Jetta 2 (Copy)
Jetta 3 (Copy)
Jetta 4 (Copy)
Kane 1 (Copy)
Louie 2 (Copy)
Louie 3 (Copy)
Morroco 1 (Copy)
Pandora 1 (Copy)
Paris 3 (Copy)
Paris 4 (Copy)
Paris 5 (Copy)
Paris 7 (Copy)
Paris 9 (Copy)
Perseus 1 (Copy)
Pixie 1 (Copy)
Si 2 (Copy)
Si 3 (Copy)
Waldo 2 (Copy)
White Collar 1 (Copy)
Yellow Collar 1 (Copy)